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Deborah A. Davis, WHNP-BC

Deborah Davis has been a nurse for over 30 years and a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years.  She had originally planned to go into pediatric nursing, but changed her mind during her Women’s Health rotation in nursing school.

“I think that Women’s Health is a very healthy aspect of nursing; I get to do a lot of patient teaching and educating which I really enjoy and the women appreciate. Women typically take care of the entire family, and in doing so they frequently ignore themselves. So I really enjoy the preventative aspect of women’s health.”

She also worked as a fertility nurse before coming to Calvert, and works here with patients in the initial steps of their fertility treatment process. “We can do the early testing here and help to assess fertility issues and, if it’s a simple hormonal problem do some very simple and early drug treatments, but we work with and refer to fertility specialists once we have determined the initial issue.”

Debbie prides herself in creating individualized care plans for her patients. She spends time with her patients to determine.I enjoy getting to know my patients - young or old - and look at them as individuals. When they have an issue I work with them to develop a plan of action that we can both agree on and that will meet their needs for the outcome they are hoping for.

Debbie sees mostly gynecologic patients, but also works with obstetrical patients up until the point that they deliver their baby. “The only thing I can’t do is go into the delivery room with them.” For her gynecologic patients, Debbie provides a full range of services for contraception, reproductive health and the management of menopause and post- menopausal symptoms. “I am still to this day fascinated by this amazing process of reproduction and this amazing machine that is our body. Just think of all the things that have to work right and all the things that have to happen for a baby to be born. I just love it!”