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CPT Making a Real Difference: Personal Stories

“Physical Therapy Metabolics was an overall transformation for me,” said Stacey Bowen. “I feel so much stronger.”  A customized fitness program combined with monitored exercise sessions and nutritional education helped this working mom get back to maximum function after back surgery to repair a deteriorated disk.

In 2011, Calvert Memorial Hospital’s KeepWell Center teamed up with Calvert Physical Therapy to create Physical Therapy Metabolics — a safe, pain-free way to exercise and lose weight. The innovative program, which is covered by most insurance plans, makes achieving your wellness goals within reach.

“The program is specifically designed to help those with chronic disease or who have pain when moving,” said Cameron Jones, who directs the program. “It takes into account their impairment and limitations and removes these obstacles.” He said participants have ranged in age from nine-years-old up to 72.

The PT Metabolics team includes Jones, who has a master’s in physical therapy and specializes in strength and conditioning along with Ryan Hunsicker, who has a doctorate in physical therapy and registered dietitian, Karen Mohn. The program is currently offered at the World Gym in Prince Frederick and is planned for the Owings location in the new year.

According to Jones, the program includes sessions two to three times per week for typically eight to 12 weeks. The initial evaluation includes a PT consultation and a health assessment that measures body fat, BMI and aerobic capacity. Each participant is educated in the process of weight loss and gets a dietary consultation.

“Participants tell me the information and practice we provide is especially helpful,” he said.“Afterward, they feel more confident about continuing on their own.”  He estimates that 75 percent have gone on to implement a regular exercise routine.

Bowen said education was a key component of the program.“You’re constantly instructed the whole time on nutrition, how to prepare for the workouts and proper form,” said the 47-year-old Prince Frederick resident.

For two months after back surgery she was not allowed to bend, lift or twist.  “This meant my range of motion and strength was very limited,” said Bowen. “I told him (Jones) as a single mom with two jobs that I needed to get back on my feet as quickly as possible.”

Bowen stressed that she never felt any pain with PT Metabolics. “There was a lot of stretching and prep to build my core, legs, arms and back. Losing 20 pounds was a bonus.”

“At first we did exercises on the big ball so it was very stable,” she explained. “Then, we moved on to more challenging exercises. It doesn’t seem like you’re working hard but you know the whole time that you are because you’re wearing a heart rate monitor.”

She went on to add, “The one thing I appreciated most is that Cameron’s attitude is always positive. The true testament to the program is that I’ve continued with my exercise regimen. Now, I’m not intimidated to be in the gym.”

Program Benefits

  • Customized fitness program
  • Monitored exercise sessions
  • One-on-one meal planning
  • Nutritional education
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