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Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP)

SCIP is a national quality partnership of organizations developed for the sole purpose of improving surgical care by reducing surgical complications. SCIP focuses on various surgical areas, such as: cardiac, vascular, colon, hysterectomy, knees, and hip surgeries. Of these, Calvert Memorial Hospital monitors colon surgeries, hysterectomys, knee and hip surgeries.

SCIP Quality Report Card

Percentage of surgical patients that received their antibiotic within 1 hour prior to surgery to prevent infection.

Why is this Important? Surgical wound infections can be prevented. Medical research shows that surgery patients who get antibiotics within the hour before their surgery are less likely to get wound infections. Getting an antibiotic earlier, or after surgery begins, is not as effective. Hospital staff should make sure surgery patients get antibiotics at the right time.

Percentage of surgical patients whose preventive antibiotics were stopped within 24 hours after surgery.

Why is this Important? 

Antibiotics are often given to patients before surgery to prevent infection. Taking these antibiotics for more than 24 hours after routine surgery is usually not necessary. Continuing the medication longer than necessary can increase the risk of side effects such as stomach aches and serious types of diarrhea. Also, when antibiotics are used for too long, patients can develop resistance to them and the antibiotics won't work as well.


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