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Improved Health Risk Factor Incentive


An employee must complete a HRA to qualify for this program.  Twenty-five dollars per quarter will be given to employees who improve their health risk factors by making significant progress in moving toward a "desirable" status in one or more of the five categories listed below. See Personnel Policy P-3-17 for complete details.

1. Desirable: (Non-Smoker)
2. High:  (Smoker)   
Total Body Fat
(Based upon Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition Instructions)
1. Desirable:
a. Men: 10-18%
b. Women: 18-27

2. Over Fat:
a. Men: 19-24%
b. Women     28-34%

3. Excessively Over Fat
a. Men: 25+%
b. Women:    35+%

Total Cholesterol/LDL/Triglyceride Level
(Based upon a 10 hour fasting venipuncture analysis)

Total Blood Cholesterol Levels:
1. Desirable  (Less than 200 mg/dL)
2. Borderline High Risk (200- 239 mg/dL)
3. High Risk (240 mg/dL and over)

LDL Cholesterol Levels:
1. Desirable/Optimal  (less than 100 mg/dL)
2. Above Optimal (100 to 129 mg/dL)
3. Borderline High  (130 to 159 mg/dL)
4. High  (160 mg/dL to 189mg/dL)
5. Very High (190 mg/dL)

Triglyceride Levels:
1. Desirable/Normal (less than 150 mg/dL)
2. Borderline High  (150 to 199 mg/dL)
3. High  (200mg/dL to 499mg/dL)
4. Very High (500 mg/dL)

Blood Pressure
(Based upon the average of 3 reading on 3 separate occasions)
1. Desirable:
a. Systolic (less than 120mmHg)
b. Diastolic (less than 80mmHg)

2. Prehypertension
a. Systolic (120- 139mmHg)
b. Diastolic (80-89mmHg)

3. Hypertension:
a. Systolic (140mmHg or higher) 
b. Diastolic (90mmHg or higher)

Glucose: (Diabetes) 
(Based upon a 10 hour fasting venipuncture analysis)
1. Desirable: 70-99 mg/dl
2. Pre-Diabetes: 100-125 mg/dl
3. High: 126 mg/dl & above

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