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Your Room

We have both private and semi-private rooms. They are allocated based on availability, diagnosis and level of care required, but our goal is always to provide you with as much privacy as possible.  Isolation rooms are used for special conditions. All rooms in the Family Birth Center are private. Please let us know if we can provide you with earplugs or a CD player and relaxation CD to help you relax while you are away from home.

Your room has been designed for your comfort, care and safety. It has a hospital bed, a nightstand with a drawer, a small closet and a bedside table.  You may notice that our hospital bed is higher and narrower than your own. It has side rails which we ask you to keep up for your safety.  Push button controls raise and lower the bed.  Unless you have permission from your nurse, please do not try to get out of bed by yourself. If you need assistance, a member of your nursing team will be glad to help. On most units, nursing team members make rounds to each patient room every hour during the day and every two hours at night (although they may not wake you if you are resting). These “hourly rounds” are a good time to let your nursing caregivers know if you need assistance with the bathroom or have questions about your care. If you need help at other times, you will find a convenient touch-control unit (call button) near your bed which you can use to call for help.  We also provide a telephone and television for your convenience. 

You will be given an admission kit that includes a few small personal toiletries and a water pitcher. Your admission kit is unique to you and will come in sealed packaging.  If you need any additional toiletries, many are available through our Guest Services program or in the hospital gift shop. You can reach guest services by calling 8400 or the gift shop by calling 8304 on your bedside telephone.

Rest is an important part of getting well. We try to keep our hospital quiet at night so each of our patients has an opportunity to rest. You can help us maintain a quiet environment by using headphones (available upon request) for TV or music, avoiding phone calls late at night and asking your visitors to be respectful of neighboring patients.


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