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Hand/Upper Extremity Therapy


(Available in Prince Frederick and Solomons)

When health problems arise due to an injury or disease, our physical therapists can help you regain strength and re-learn the activities you'll need to return to daily life. This may include learning to walk, to control balance or to regain motion of an arm or leg.When a traumatic or repetitive injury or condition has affected your hands or arms, you need specialized rehabilitation. Our occupational therapists are highly skilled and trained in the evaluation and treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries.

Who can benefit?

Persons with:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve compression disorders
  • Hand trauma (lacerations, crushes and fractures)
  • Cumulative trauma and overuse (tendonitis)
  • Post-operative reconstruction (tendon and nerve repairs)
  • Repetitive stress disorders in the upper extremities
  • Loss of use due to stroke or brain injury

Services offered:

  • Make/fit splints and other orthotic devices
  • To increase range of motion
  • To improve protective, corrective or functional positioning
  • Manage pain from surgery, overuse and trauma
  • Teach edema control and scar management
  • Develop personalized activity programs
  • To improve functional use of hands and upper extremities
  • To increase strength, coordination, dexterity and range of motion
  • Retrain in daily living skills
  • Instruct in how to protect joints, conserve energy and simplify activities
  • Simulate work activities to increase tolerance and conditioning
  • Sensory re-education program (following nerve trauma)
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