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Diagnostic Imaging Expansion Enhances local Patient Care

Calvert Memorial Hospital Foundation Board members recently toured our Diagnostic Imaging Department in its brand-new facility. Community donors helped make this project a reality, contributing funds toward the renovation of existing space as well as the 3,300-square- foot addition that houses more than $3 million in new state-of-the-art General Electric (GE) imaging equipment.

“We’re so excited about this transformation of our imaging facilities,” says Bobbie Vess, Director of diagnostic imaging at CMH. “The space is more efficient and comfortable for both patients and staff—workspaces are larger and there is a private waiting room for inpatients and an enhanced check- in area for all patients arriving for diagnostic testing, which includes radiology, laboratory, therapeutic phlebotomy and cardiopulmonary services. New imaging equipment for cardiovascular interventional, digital radiology, nuclear medicine, CT scanning, and vascular ultrasound includes the latest safety features such as dose personalization software, enhanced image detail and shortened exam times.”

Proceeds from the 2014 Harvest Ball, a major Foundation fundraiser, were used to help fund the cutting- edge technology. “Calvert County is a close-knit community and people are generous supporters of initiatives they believe in at the hospital,” says Theresa Johnson, executive director of the Calvert Memorial Hospital Foundation. “It’s vital to have the best technologies and services available so people can get the care they need right here in the county.”

More about our Radiology services and technology: Q & A with Glenn Selman, MD, Medical Director, Diagnostic Radiology

Please tell us about what is involved in your specialty?

Interventional and diagnostic radiologists perform minimally invasive, image-guided procedures on patients and interpret studies to aid in the diagnoses of illnesses.

How will our patients benefit from using the new facility and the updated technology?

The new equipment in the nuclear Medicine, Ct, Cardiovascular interventional, vascular lab, and digital suites provides more precise image detail, which enhances our viewing ability and enables us to provide highly accurate interpretations for use in diagnosing patients’ illnesses. We can easily localize and target areas of concern, making our final interpretations more definitive. We have combined complex technologies to improve imaging resolution and provide more information for radiologists as well as for attending physicians and surgeons.

These newer technologies are also more comfortable for patients—for example, we can move the imaging detector of one direct digital X-ray machine to adapt to how a patient is holding an injured body part, instead of having to position the injured area on a flat plate. We have also acquired two portable digital units that we take into critical areas such as ED, ICU, surgical suites and the newborn nursery.

What is important to know about this new, state-of-the-art facility?

The newly expanded diagnostic imaging suite is at the top of the curve for innovative technology and healthcare design. it’s a modern, service and safety- oriented department that enables us to provide an excellent work environment for staff and improved care to our community.

The Cardiovascular Interventional Suite houses an Innova GS 540 General Electric imaging system. Procedures performed with this new imaging equipment result in excellent anatomical visualization with lower radiation doses.

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