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I joined the program during the Winter 2017 enrollment period. Do I need to participate during the Summer 2017 enrollment period?

No. Participants are only required to complete the online questionnaire and biometrics annually during their specific enrollment period to maintain any wellness benefits.


I signed-up during the Summer 2016 enrollment period. What do I need to do to keep my gym membership?

The online questionnaire and biometrics must be completed annually. All participants must attend an enrollment session annually to complete the renewal process.

ALL CCPS employees and family members who participated in Summer 2016 must complete the HRA and biometrics during the Summer 2017 enrollment period to renew their memberships. Failure to complete both components will result in termination of any KeepWell@Work program benefits, including the discounted World Gym membership.

Effective July 1, 2016, an annual renewal fee must be paid at the time of biometric completion by ALL renewing participants. The participant is responsible for covering $13 of the renewal fee (half of the $26 total HRA fee).The remaining portion of the annual renewal fee is paid by World Gym. Payment of the annual renewal fee is NOT available through payroll deduction.


My family member wants to sign up, but I do not. Is this allowed?

The CCPS employee MUST complete the online questionnaire, biometrics and attend an enrollment session to guarantee family member eligibility. However, the CCPS employee is NOT required to sign up for a gym membership and/or weight management program. 

Family members are not eligible to receive any wellness benefits if the CCPS employee does not participate.

The CCPS employee must be present at the time of family member sign up in order to sign, and thereby authorize, the payroll deduction amount. Payroll deduction forms must be signed in person by the CCPS employee; faxing or emailing a payroll form is not acceptable.


I was a gym member a few years ago/my membership expired a few months ago, but I no longer have an active gym membership. Do I need to pay the $26 enrollment fee?

You are considered a "new" World Gym member if you do not have an active membership at the time of sign-up and will have to pay the $26 enrollment fee. All "new" World Gym members are required to pay the $26 enrollment fee.


My family has a very busy schedule and we won't be able to make it to one of the sign-up sessions. What should we do?

Enrollment is available at the KeepWell Center at Calvert Memorial Hospital for participants unable to attend an enrollment session. Email or call 410-535-8233 for more information. If you are unable to sign up during the Winter 2017 enrollment period, you will have to wait until the Summer 2017 enrollment period to sign up.


What is included with my Gym Membership?

Each gym membership is a 1-Year Unlimited membership. This means there is no limit to the number of times you can use a given gym per day. All group exercise and spin classes offered by World Gym are included at no additional cost. Childcare is not included in your World Gym Membership.


I don't want a Gym Membership. Can I just do the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?

You are not required to sign-up for a gym membership or weight management program. The cost of the HRA is processed through payroll deduction. The cost of the HRA is $26, which is processed as a $1.09 semi-monthly payroll deduction. The HRA cost must be deducted through payroll; you cannot pay for the full cost upfront at the time of enrollment.


Is there a limit to the number of family members that I can sign up under my payroll?

There is no limit to the number of family members an employee can add to their payroll. However, once deductions are processed, they can not be cancelled until the one-year agreement is met. All payroll deductions will continue for one full year. The CCPS employee must be present at the time of family member sign up in order to sign, and thereby authorize, the payroll deduction form.


Can I just pay for my Gym Membership/HRA up front, when I sign-up?

The discounted rates for program incentives are only available when processed through payroll deduction.


If I sign up for a Gym Membership, is there a charge for the HRA?

The cost of the initial HRA is waived for new KeepWell@Work members. There is a $26 enrollment fee collected at the time of sign-up for all new World Gym members. Effective July 1, 2016, an annual HRA renewal fee must be paid at the time of biometric completion by ALL renewing participants.


I already have a Gym Membership. Can I still sign-up? How does that work?

Current World Gym members are eligible to "rewrite" their contracts to join the KeepWell@Work program. There is no lapse in member access when completing a rewrite. The monthly rate will change from the non-KeepWell@Work rate to the $20.00 per month rate on the billing cycle following program enrollment. The $26 new member enrollment fee is waived for existing members with a long-term contract (one-year or longer).


I would like to cancel my KeepWell@Work membership. What do I need to do?

Cancellations can only be processed after fulfilling one-year agreement. Participants who enrolled during the Winter 2016 period are currently eligible to cancel their gym membership and/or weight management programs. Cancellation forms are available at enrollment sessions; email or phone requests to cancel are not accepted.


I currently pay for childcare with my Gym Membership now. Can I pay for World Gym Childcare through payroll deduction?

Childcare fees cannot be processed through payroll deduction. Childcare fees are processed separately by World Gym.


Does the CCPS employee have to be present for the Family Member(s) to sign up?

Yes. The CCPS employee must be present at the time of any family member sign up in order to sign, and thereby authorize, the payroll deduction form.


Do I need to bring anything with me to sign up?

No. All of the enrollment materials are maintained by the KeepWell staff at the enrollment session. Participants interested in submitting recent lab work for their reports can bring a copy of the results to the enrollment session.


When can I expect to receive my Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) Report?

The reports are not processed until AFTER the end of the enrollment period. Reports are typically completed two weeks after the end of the enrollment period (not your sign-up date). A notification will be sent to the email address provided at the time of enrollment when reports are available for download.


When are you offering sign-up sessions?

Please see the schedule here for more information.


Will there be an extension period for anyone who misses the deadline?

No. All deadlines are determined by CCPS. KeepWell staff cannot grant an extension.


How does the payroll deduction work?

Payroll deductions are taken semi-monthly. The amount of the deduction is determined by multiplying the total monthly amount by 12 (for 12 months in a year). That monetary amount is then divided by 24 (representing 24 pay periods in one year). That amount is your semi-monthly payroll deduction. It will come out of your paycheck every two weeks. During months where there are three pay dates, no deduction will be made on the third pay date. See below for the mathematical breakdown:

 Gym Membership

  • ($20.00 per month) x (12 months) = $ 240.00 per year
  • ($240.00 per year) / (24 pay periods in one year) = $10.00 semi-monthly payroll deduction


I am a part-time CCPS employee. Am I eligible to participate in the program?

KeepWell staff has a listing of eligible employees, provided by CCPS. For questions regarding your eligibility, please email or call 410-535-8233


Who determines program eligibility?

CCPS determines program eligibility and works in partnership with the KeepWell@Work staff.


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