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What to Expect in the ICU

All patients receive continuous heart monitoring which shows the electrical activity of the heart on a screen at the bedside and at the nurses' station. You will notice that the monitor also shows numbers that represent measures like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Intravenous (IV) lines are used to provide a regular flow of medications or nutrients to our patients. Many patients also have some sort of oxygen equipment on or near them. The machines in the ICU have certain signals that may beep to let nurses know there has been a change in a measure being monitored.  Although the sounds may seem frightening to you, they are important for patient safety. Additionally, each room is equipped with a video camera, microphone, speakers and a video screen so our eCare partners can see and speak to you and your loved one.

Most patients only remain in the ICU for a few days. As their condition improves, they can be transferred to a regular unit.

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