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New Help for Hemorrhoids

Drs. Faisal Bhinder and Saad Haque of Calvert Gastroenterology are excited to introduce a new, state-of-the-art treatment for hemorrhoids that is quick, painless and highly effective. The minimally invasive procedure is performed in their office and is covered by most insurance plans.

To learn more about this new option for treating hemorrhoids, plan to attend a Lunch and Learn presentation by Dr. Haque on April 5 from 12 – 1 p.m. at Calvert Memorial Hospital’s KeepWell Center. The $10 fee includes lunch. To register, call 410-535-8233.

An affiliate of Calvert Physician Associates, Calvert Gastroenterology has offices in Prince Frederick and Solomons. Drs. Bhinder and Haque bring a wide range of experience in treating a broad spectrum of patients with both simple and complicated GI disorders. They offer a comprehensive array of gastroenterology, endoscopic and office-based care.

They are the only GI practice in Southern Maryland to use the patented CRH O’Regan System™ that represents a significant advancement in rubber band ligation. The procedure is much less painful than traditional banding and results in far fewer complications. In fact, a remarkable 99.1 percent of hemorrhoid patients treated with this method report no post-procedure pain.

The banding procedure works by cutting off blood supply to the hemorrhoid. This causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off, usually within a day or so. Most people don’t even notice when this happens. Once the hemorrhoid is gone, the wound usually heals within one to five days. During the first 24 hours, some patients may experience a feeling of fullness or a dull ache but this can typically be relieved with an over-the-counter pain medication.

Hemorrhoids are common ailments. By age 50, about half of adults have had them. Most are caused by constipation, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, heavy lifting, long periods of sitting or diarrhea. They are also associated with diets low in fiber and high in fat. They affect both men and women and occur more frequently after age 30.

While hemorrhoid creams and suppositories can provide temporary relief for symptoms such as pain and itching, they cannot shrink the hemorrhoid, stop it from growing larger or make it go away. The only lasting cure for persistent symptoms is to remove the hemorrhoid itself. After all, once you know what the problem is, why wait to get relief. Call Calvert Gastroenterology at 410-535-7630 to hear what they can do for you.