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Hostess Program

We know that meal service is an important part of your hospital experience. This is why we launched our new Hostess Program that allows us to give more individualized attention to our patients. The service allows patients to speak directly with a host or hostess about their dining options.

Patients are given a dedicated phone number to call if they have any food-related special needs, concerns or requests. Additionally, a host or hostess visits each patient twice a day – in the morning to select lunch and in the evening to order dinner and breakfast the next day.

Most patients typically work with the same host or hostess when ordering all their meals. Together, they develop menu choices that satisfy the patient’s nutritional needs and suit his or her specific tastes. Even more important, patients and the hosts/hostesses come to know each other on a first name basis and receive more thorough, personalized care. 

The Hostess Program is already getting rave reviews for order accuracy, prompt delivery and customer service. Future plans include the implementation of a computerized system that will:

• Produce pre-printed meal tickets
• Streamline the ordering process
• Allow meals to be prepared in advance
• Enable faster delivery
• Result in fewer mistakes

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