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Arati Patel, MD

Board Certified in Medical Oncology and Hematology

Dr. Arati C. Patel is a board-certified medical oncologist who has been treating hematology and oncology patients in Calvert County since 2003. Dr. Patel has been instrumental in establishing the Sheldon E. Goldberg Center for Breast Care, and is currently the Medical Oncology Director of the Center.  She continues to see all patients in the Calvert Hematology and Oncology practice, with a concentration in caring for the breast oncology patient. She also actively participates in CMH’s cancer tumor boards and cancer committee.

Dr. Patel takes an integrated and holistic approach to patient care when developing their treatment plans. "It’s a very commonly used term, but it is paramount to oncology care. Integrating various therapeutic strategies to address the whole patient – medically, physically, socially and emotionally – results in a much more successful and less harmful outcome.” In addition, she helps patients set realistic health goals by encouraging them to work on their nutrition, physical fitness and stress reduction, resulting in fuller quality of life and better survivorship.

 Dr. Patel regularly undertakes advanced training in cancer detection and treatment in order to provide her patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available. She also helps to develop community outreach activities that are focused on prevention and early detection.


rati Patel has been practicing in Calvert County since 2003 and , in addition to seeing patients in Calvert Hematology and Oncology, serves as the Medical \Director for Oncology for the Breast Center. "Each and every cancer patient is unique in many ways," said Dr. Patel. "As their oncologist, I take into consideration their cancer diagnosis, their overall health and their preferences in developing their individual treatment plan."

She went on to add, "Caring for them in a manner that is state-of-the-art, focused, compassionate and flexible leads to patient success. Communication is extremely important when it comes to cancer care. My patients know that my door is always open to them and their loved ones."

Dr. Patel joined the active medical staff at Calvert Memorial Hospital in 2003. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She completed her internal medicine residency at Tufts University School of Medicine, a premier academic medical center in Boston. She also competed her specialty training at New England Medical Center.

She regularly participates in CMH cancer tumor boards and CME cancer courses in order to provide her patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities including chemotherapy and targeted therapies. In her role as Cancer Liaison, Dr. Patel helps develop community outreach activities that focus on prevention and early detection.

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