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Need a Physician?

Alphabetical Listing

Calvert Memorial Hospital has both active and consulting medical staff. Physicians on the active medical staff admit patients to the hospital and exercise clinical privileges in the hospital. Physicians on the consulting staff provide consultation to patients upon request of the attending physician. They do not admit patients.
Physician Specialty Status
Abbott, Kenneth Oncology; Hematology Active 
Abraham, Vinod Neurology Active 
Agbonavbare, Patience Internal Medicine; Adult Hospitalists Temporary Privileges 
Ahmed, Bilal Oncology; Hematology Active 
Al-Banna, Emad General Surgery Active 
Althaus, Janyne Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consulting 
Anaizi, Amjad Neurosurgery Active 
Anderson, Gail Otolaryngology Consulting 
Annulis, Thomas Adult Hospitalists Active 
Baig, Kamakshi Family Medicine Active 
Barth, III, J. John Internal Medicine Active 
Batong, Sylvia Family Medicine; Urgent Care Active 
Bear, Deborah Pediatric Hospitalists Active 
Beavers, Frederick Vascular Surgery Active 
Belfonte, Cassius Cardiology Active 
Benjers, Nelson Cardiology Active 
Benner, Charles Internal Medicine; Geriatric Medicine Active 
Bennett, Charles Family Medicine Active 
Berg, Eric Internal Medicine Active 
Bertele, Terence Cardiology Consulting 
Bhogte, Ervind General Surgery Active 
Bhogte, Coralyn Pediatrics Active 
Bright, Y. Gastroenterology Active 
Brissette, Morgan Family Medicine Active 
Brooks, J. Michael Family Medicine Active 
Brophy, Catherine Family Medicine Active 
Brown, Martin Emergency Medicine Active 
Browne, Ciaran Nephrology Consulting 
Bubser, John Podiatry Active 
Buhrer, D. Paul Plastic Surgery Consulting 
Burke, Allison Urgent Care  
Campbell, Kurtis Surgical Oncology Active 
Carpenter, Stephanie Adult Hospitalists; Internal Medicine Consulting 
Chambers, Edford Otolaryngology Consulting 
Chang, Diane Ophthalmology Active 
Chaudry, Ammar Radiology Active 
Chiu, Meghan Pediatrics Active 
Choi, Chang Adult Hospitalists; Internal Medicine Active 
Christianson, Matthew Emergency Medicine Active 
Chulamokha, Lalita Infectious Diseases; Internal Medicine Active 
Cirillo, Richard Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Clark, Nancy Vascular Surgery Active 
Cobb, P.A.-C, Ann-Marie Adult Hospitalists  
Cooke-Sampson, Estelle Radiology Consulting 
Crarey, Patrick Urgent Care Consulting 
Cung, Bic Urology Active 
Cushing, Cameron Emergency Medicine Active 
Dabulis, Stephanie Emergency Medicine Active 
Daly, Cindy Otolaryngology Consulting 
Damalouji, Issam General Surgery Active 
Dasgupta, Saurabh Internal Medicine; Adult Hospitalists Active 
Dauda, Mohamed Adult Hospitalists Active 
Denekas, David Family Medicine Active 
Dodd, Michael Ophthalmology Consulting 
Dutta, Utpal Nephrology Active 
Ehrmantraut, Wilfred Plastic Surgery Active 
Ellisor, Sonia Diagnostic Radiology Active 
Estes, Barbara Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Faditan, Babajide Pediatric Hospitalists Active 
Fears, Jonathan Allergy and Immunology Active 
Ferraro, Joseph Pain Management; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Active 
Flatau, Arthur Vascular Surgery Active 
Floranda, Eric Neurology Resigned 
Folsom, Michelle Family Medicine Active 
Foster, Samuel Cardiology Active 
Foster, Andre Emergency Medicine Active 
Fuentes, Ana Emergency Medicine Active 
Fuller, Drew Emergency Medicine Active 
Gadrey, Makarand Adult Hospitalists Active 
Gallatin, David Internal Medicine Active 
George, Asha Rheumatology Consulting 
Gill, Harwant Psychiatry Temporary Privileges 
Gillen, Patricia Emergency Medicine Active 
Ginter, Hilary Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Glenn, David Emergency Medicine Active 
Golding, Corey Neuroradiology Active 
Gordon, David Urology Active 
Goring, Kim Sleep Medicine Consulting 
Griffith, III, Paul Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Grover, Gary Vascular Surgery Consulting 
Gushchin, Vadim Surgical Oncology Active 
Haag, Tanya Emergency Medicine Active 
Hanley, Robert Urology Active 
Haque, Saad Gastroenterology Active 
Harahsheh, Ashraf Pediatric Cardiology Consulting 
Hawit, Faris Dermatology Active 
Hawit, Roula Pediatrics Active 
Hawit, Raja Pediatrics Honorary 
Hein, August Urgent Care Active 
Herron, Bryan Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Hoy, Deborah Neonatology; Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consulting 
Hueppchen, Nancy Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consulting 
Hung, Stephanie General Surgery Active 
Idol, Jeffrey Podiatry Active 
Jackson, Rubie Breast Surgery Active 
Jani, Parul Internal Medicine; Internal Medicine Active 
Jantarasami, Jittikom Anesthesiology Active 
Johnson, Michelle Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Jones, Taunna Podiatry Active 
Joseph, Anson Nephrology Active 
Judge, Charles Internal Medicine Active 
Kakitelashvili, Vladimir Urology Consulting 
Karinsky, Julia Pediatrics; Pediatric Hospitalists Active 
Karkhanis, Kundan Rheumatology Consulting 
Kerasidis, Harry Neurology; Sleep Medicine Active 
Khatri, Nick Gastroenterology Active 
Klimowicz, Maryida Emergency Medicine Active 
Knight, Lane Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Consulting 
Lane, Shakeem Anesthesiology Active 
Laurore, Jean Pediatric Hospitalists; Pediatrics Active 
Le, Nham Anesthesiology Active 
Liang, Wen Breast Surgery Active 
Liu, Ke Urgent Care Active 
Lowenthal, Jonathan Internal Medicine Active 
Lukban, Fulton Emergency Medicine Active 
Lukban, Sara Pediatrics Active 
Lusby, III, Thomas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Active 
Maclay, Meredith Emergency Medicine Active 
Magpantay, III, Napoleon Emergency Medicine Active 
Mahaffey, W. General Surgery Consulting 
Mahat, Upendra Pediatrics; Pediatric Hospitalists Active 
Mahata, Aparajita Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Marfori, Joseph Emergency Medicine Active 
Marshall, Ranette Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Mathew, Varkey Cardiology Active 
Mathew, Scaria Family Medicine Active 
Mathur, Manoj Internal Medicine Active 
Mathur, Mukesh Internal Medicine Active Without Clinical Privileges 
Maver, Daniel Radiology Active 
McGettigan, James Emergency Medicine; Urgent Care Active 
McPheeters, Christy Family Nurse Practitioner Active 
Medic, Robin Pain Management; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Active 
Mehta, Bhargesh Pediatrics Active 
Mendonca, Tara Internal Medicine Active 
Meraj, Shafquat Urology Active 
Miller, Kathleen Ophthalmology Active 
Mills, Mickey Urgent Care Active 
Mittal, Deepika Radiology Active 
Mohammadi, Ali Emergency Medicine Active 
Moody, Glynis Internal Medicine Active 
Morrow, Christopher Emergency Medicine Active 
Morton, Andrew Diagnostic Radiology Active 
Munshi, Anwar Geriatric Medicine; Internal Medicine Active 
Munshi, Anwar Internal Medicine; Geriatric Medicine Active 
Muthu, Vasundhara Cardiology Active 
Nassiraee, Mitra Obstetrics/Gynecology; Obstetrics/Gynecology Active 
Naydich, Boris Radiation Oncology Consulting 
O'Keefe, Julie Endocrinology Active 
Ogheneochuko, John Emergency Medicine Active 
Okeke, Vincent Adult Hospitalists; Internal Medicine Active 
Olkaba, Judith Podiatry Consulting 
Opara, Ogechi Adult Hospitalists; Family Medicine Active 
Ouwinga, I. Family Medicine Active 
Owens, Joyce Family Medicine Active 
Papino-Higgs, M. Novella Family Medicine Active 
Parikh, Ameet Emergency Medicine Active 
Parikh, Simul Radiation Oncology Consulting 
Parmele, Katerina Emergency Medicine Active 
Patel, Arati Oncology; Hematology Active 
Patel, Uday Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Perry, Katherine Otolaryngology Consulting 
Pfalz, Helmut General Surgery; Hand Surgery Active 
Pfalz, Helmut Hand Surgery; General Surgery Active 
Pirouz, Ramin Pulmonary Medicine Active 
Poddar, Meena Pediatric Hospitalists; Pediatrics Active 
Pomilla, Paul Infectious Diseases Active 
Proctor, Keyonna Family Medicine Active 
Puri, Shubhinder Anesthesiology Active 
Rabinowitz, Stuart Radiology Consulting 
Raisinghani, Rachna Psychiatry Active 
Raja, Kamran Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Consulting 
Reid, Yvonne Diagnostic Radiology Active 
Reisman, Amy Emergency Medicine Active 
Rhodes, Dolores Gastroenterology Active 
Rozran, Wayne Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Ryu, Hyung Gynecologic Oncology Active 
Safo, Akua Internal Medicine Active 
Salander, James Vascular Surgery Active 
Saleh, Osama Psychiatry Consulting 
Sandhu, Faheem Neurosurgery Active 
Santha, Thibin Nephrology Active 
Schnabel, John Emergency Medicine Active 
Selman, Glenn Diagnostic Radiology; Interventional Radiology Active 
Settle, Kathleen Radiation Oncology Active 
Shah, Mahesh Cardiology Active 
Shah, Meena Cardiology Active 
Shah, Atul Gastroenterology Active 
Shah, Dhiren Internal Medicine Active 
Shah, Nimit Internal Medicine Active 
Shah, Dipak Psychiatry Active 
Shah, Manan Psychiatry Active 
Shero, James Emergency Medicine Active 
Shihabi, Amro Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Consulting 
Siddiqui, Shahid Internal Medicine Active 
Silpasuvan, Suwat Anesthesiology Active 
Silpasuvan, Daung Pediatrics Active 
Singh, Manbir Pediatrics Active 
Skolnick, Michael Pediatrics Active 
Smith, Myrka Anesthesiology Active 
Smith, Chad Emergency Medicine Active 
Smith, Nikisha Pediatric Hospitalists Active 
Soffer, Eric Podiatry Active 
Spatz, Debra Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Spitz, Steven Neurosurgery Active 
Stamp, Cornelius Urgent Care Active 
Sterner, Gerald Family Medicine Active 
Stoner, Melissa Family Medicine; Urgent Care Active 
Surana, Gyan Internal Medicine Active 
Taliaferro, Harlan Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Telep, James Cardiology; Pediatric Cardiology Consulting 
Thomas, Reena M. Endocrinology Active 
Thomas, Reena Neurology Consulting 
Tongue, Michael Podiatry Active 
Trimble, David Anesthesiology Active 
Trivedi, M.D., Manan Internal Medicine; Adult Hospitalists Active 
Tudor, Gene Otolaryngology Active 
Ulanowicz, Nancy Pathology Active 
Umhau, William Urgent Care Consulting 
Van Fosson, Robert Podiatry Active 
Viken, Jeffery Anesthesiology Active 
Voyadzis, Jean-Marc Neurosurgery Active 
Wanner, Jason Ophthalmology Active 
Weigel, John Internal Medicine Active Without Clinical Privileges 
Welgoss, Jeffrey Urogynecology; Gynecology Active 
White, William Emergency Medicine Active 
Wisniewski, Stanley Family Medicine Active 
Yazdani, Kioumarce Cardiology Active 
Yazdani, Mahin Internal Medicine Active 
Yousaf, Zahir Pulmonary Medicine; Sleep Medicine Active 
Yousaf, M.D., Shaheer Orthopedic Surgery Active 
Zagula, Edward Urology  

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